Industrial Design, Surface Design and Studio Engineering

Design with both heart and mind

We love creating new fantastic looking products – and we have the expertise to make them manufacturable with top class surfacing, fit and finish.

Escenda’s skilled team of Designers, Surface Designers and Studio Engineers have experience from Automotive OEM design studios as well as our in-house Automotive- and Product design projects. Our clients are both local and international.

Our Designers are not only artists, but creative problem solvers with a great sense of aesthetics and the skill to communicate the design in a compelling way.

Surface Designers are the backbone of the Design department at Escenda, and we’re proud to be one of the absolute top players in this field in Scandinavia. We’re do both early phase conceptual modelling as well as final A-class deliveries.

The Studio Engineers are the key to setting the prerequisites for the rest of the Design team so that the finished product looks its best and smoothly gets taken into production.

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Claes Sernevi

Department Manager Design

+46 (0)70 751 97 87

Electrical & Embedded Systems

Functional and Software Development

In a critical situation you expect function – not a dialogue box.

The entire world is getting increasingly interactive. Billions of people are on-line and even the tiniest devices have computing power of a magnitude inconceivable just a generation ago. The automotive world is no exception. Virtually every function in a car is controlled and monitored by software.

Escenda offers functional and software development within the electrical and embedded systems which embraces: active safety, telematics, infotainment, electric propulsion, interaction design and diagnostics. We also support customers and suppliers with resident and engineering services. It goes without saying that we use state-of-the-art methods for test and verification.

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Karin Hallgren

Department Manager Electrical and Embedded Systems

+46 (0)70 438 93 54

Interior & Exterior

Technical Design, CAD Engineering, Expert Engineering and Project Managing

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Is it the outside or the inside that truly matters? We would say both.

With a car industry more design conscious than ever, we attach the utmost importance in creating an atmosphere for the driver, the viewer and the eye. Also, in a time when more and more details need to fit in less volume, it’s vital that we are careful with geometrical assurance – this is done by our designers and CAD engineers.

We also consider it important that we have a wide range of skills, ranging from junior CAD engineers to truly senior engineers and project managers.


BIW, Closures, Chassis and Powertrain Engineering

Strong, Light and Efficient

Within Structures we develop BIW, closures, chassis and powertrain components and systems. These are all systems that fulfil core functionality for the end-users. The structures in vehicles shall fulfil requirements such as safety, NVH, durability and at the same time be cost efficient and have high quality.

Weight efficiency has always been an important field for fuel consumption reasons, but will be even more important in the future to meet requirements on electrification and give space for energy carrying systems as batteries.

Skill sets within modern manufacturing methods is important as well as material know-how within high-strength steels, aluminium and composite materials such as CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics).

Our expertise is not only limited to the actual products we develop, we make big efforts to master and develop the engineering methods in order to improve quality and efficiency in the product development process.

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Simon Niemelä

Department Manager Mechanical

+46 (0)70 241 27 05

Vehicle Engineering

Crash Safety, NVH, Aerodynamics and Durability

An optimal compromise

In the early phase of a product development project, all the different attributes and characteristics of the product must be considered without over engineering any details.

An optimal compromise should be reached to get the most bang for the buck and still meet the legal and company requirements. Exactly this is the expertise of the Vehicle Engineering department at Escenda.

We mainly use simulations to predict the outcome of a product’s attributes and characteristics, but an experimental approach is also occasionally used. The results of these tests and simulations will be analysed by our expert engineers who will give recommendations of design changes that will improve the product. Our main areas of expertise within Vehicle Engineering are: Crash safety, NVH, aerodynamics and durability.

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Henrik Palmér

Department Manager, Vehicle Engineering

+46 (0)73 941 19 75

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Process Definition, Tooling design & Procurement

Making it real

The unplanned downtime is catastrophic, with results ranging from loss of money, time and indeed valuable customers. The digital transformation gets ahead to identify the real time issues to monitor the status, performance of resources, processes and product quality.

Escenda offers Engineering Services in Digital manufacturing which includes Assembly Process Simulation, Robotic Simulation, Line Balancing, Tool & Equipment Design (TED), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Manufacturing Automation Controls and Systems (MACS), Stamping Simulation and Factory Simulation.

We ensure that the digital phase meets the physical phase, concepts comes to reality and planning concludes to execution.

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Henrik Palmér

Department Manager, Vehicle Engineering

+46 (0)73 941 19 75