Design Engineer

Victor Åkerblom

What project are you currently working on?

Since I started working here five months ago I have been working with door structure and carbon fibre articles and some lower body support in Escenda’s currently largest project.

How did you end up at Escenda?

I did my thesis work at Escenda, spring of 2018, and when we were done I got an offer to start working here.

Why did you choose Escenda for your thesis work?

We were looking for companies where we could do our thesis work, and we had a friend who had been in contact with Escenda before. We decided to do some light research and had a quick look at the website and it looked very interesting, so we reached out. There wasn’t a ‘’ready to go’’ thesis work for us, so we brainstormed ideas with a manager at Escenda and together we agreed that we would write about ‘’implementing composite design extension to improve CFRP design process’’

Why did you decide to start working here after you finished your studies?

One of the reasons was that Escenda was working with composites and I wanted to grow within that area. This was also a challenge for Escenda, and for me, that proved that they do not back down from a challenge. The fact that they are also a part of TATA technologies was a contributor for me. They have a strong company behind them that supports and creates opportunities outside of Gothenburg.

What is the funniest thing about your role?

The funniest things are how much I am learning. I’ve always enjoyed school and being able to learn new things. As a newbie, you’re not in charge of anything, so it’s a great opportunity to learn everything from the persons you are working alongside. It’s very noticeable that you have developed and you get motivation from watching your team, and it gets you hoping you will get there one day as well.

What is the best thing about working at Escenda?

There isn’t just one thing that’s good about Escenda. One of the best things is that it’s a global company, which means that the work environment and the people you work with don’t all come from the same culture and that makes the dynamics of the company different to if it had been solely a Swedish company. Also, according to me, you feel appreciated. It feels like the company roots for you and is willing to bet on you. You get to go on training and I got to start working in a project straight away. You don’t just feel like a workforce.

It’s a flat organisation and it’s great to be able to sit with a manager during lunch and have an ordinary conversation without feeling pressured or weird.

At Escenda, there is a group called Eventually, dedicated to creating events for the company – and that is great to have. It creates a clear work/life balance and improves the group dynamics. You get to know your colleagues in a completely different way.


What would you say to someone who’s is intrigued by Escenda, and might be interested in working here?

Escenda is a global company that challenges their limits by working on projects that they never have done before. At the same time, they want the company to grow they cherish their employees by personal growth and activities outside of work.