System Engineer

Johan Fjellström

What’s your role here at Escenda? And how long have you been working here?

I am working on an assignment on-site at the customer. There I am supporting the development of a function called ‘’Autonomous Emergency Breaking’’; it’s a function that makes sure the driver doesn’t crash with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

I have been working at Escenda since 2011.

Escenda is a part of Tata Technologies, how has that affected your career?

At Tata Technologies, I have the role of Global Technical Expert for ADAS Systems. It has, among other things, made it possible for me to do an assignment for McLaren. This wouldn’t have been so easily managed if we weren’t a part of TATA as the assignment came from TATA UK.

How did you end up at Escenda?

I was working together with my manager, Christer Andersson, at Volvo before. When he started the Electrical and Embedded Systems department – I was his first employee.

What’s the funniest thing about your role?

I think it is fun to create a product that many people will use. I get to participate in the development and also get to be involved in putting the cars to the test and actually see how it works.

What is the best thing about Escenda?

Escenda has a nice atmosphere. Even though we are a part of Tata Technologies, it’s still a company that knows what’s happening within the company at the same time being a part of a bigger corporation. So if you want to do things that stick out or international things, there are possibilities for that too – it’s the best of both worlds. It still feels like Escenda, but that we are a part of something big.

I also have immense trust in my manager. He listens to what you need and takes care of you in a very good way.

As a company, we are also very good at doing fun things together, not just work-related activities.

And of course, very nice colleagues.