CASE | Vehicle Engineering

Comprehensive MRO Solutions

The client partnered with us to design a rig to perform maintenance in horizontal position.


  • Designing a maintenance fixture that provided a reduced stripping cycle time
  • Validating horizontal stripping
  • Finding a low cost tool design solution


The company is the world leader in aircraft landing and braking systems. They are a partner to numerous leading commercial, military, business and regional airframers and employ more than 7,000 staff working in locations across Europe, North America and Asia.


Phase 1 – Investigation

  • Studied the engine stripping sequence
  • Consideration of the gantry systems/tools

Phase 2 – Design

  • Designing of the fixture for the new engine
  • A finite element analysis was completed to evaluate the effectiveness

Phase 3 – Manufacturing

  • Preparation of the manufacture drawings
  • Provided support during manufacturing and commissioning
  • 40% savings in implementation cost

  • New clamping arrangement

  • Reduced total time per station

  • Foreign object damage based design improvements suggested