Agile Coach

Asha Rathod

What is your role here at Escenda? And how long have you been working here?

I am an Agile Coach. I give training to the entire organisation within agile methods, Scrum Master and SAFe framework and I am playing an LPA role in VIRA Flow. I have been working here since autumn 2018.

How did you end up at Escenda? Why did you choose to come here?

Escenda identified my talent and they gave me the right platform to explore. I got my dream job here!

Getting the job is easy, but getting my dream job in Escenda is my proudest moment. I am so happy to be a part of Escenda. It felt so awesome when my talent was found and was given the best place for it.

What are the major differences between working in Sweden and working in India?

The best thing about working in Sweden is the work culture, I love working here. I feel so good and relaxed when I come in for work, even if I’m sick – I still feel like coming into the office.

Sweden and Escenda is the perfect place for balancing work life and family life. There is no work pressure, no stress; work is given to me as per my capacity and availability. Swedish people are so cooperative and always lends a helping hand. I get respect and equal opportunity.          

What is the most challenging thing about your role? And, how do you solve that?

Implementing agile in the automotive domain is new, which makes it the biggest challenge. I am teaching and am myself still learning new techniques. But, changing the mindset of people towards agile is the toughest job. I try to understand the people and teach them in the simplest way.

What is the best thing about working at Escenda?

Escenda has given me so many opportunities to learn many things. My manager as supported me to explore many things, I got the chance to attend the biggest agile conference in Europe which was held in Stuttgart, Germany. I got immense support to get training certifications from the world’s best organisation.