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2018 S60/V60 Polestar Engineered

Escenda has Designed and Surface Designed all generations of Polestar's Engineered Volvo S60/V60. The 2018 model was the last in the series and Volvo wanted to make something extra special out of it.


  • Escenda has previously Designed and Engineered all of this car’s aero- and styling trim parts such as spoilers, diffusors, tailpipes, wheels, emblems, steering wheel, pedals and more.
  • Escenda was commissioned with creating aerodynamic parts in carbon fibre; A front splitter, side splitter and two rear spoilers, for sedan- and station wagon models.
  • This was the first Polestar car to be released after Volvo bought the company and this meant an even closer collaboration with Volvo Cars than for earlier Polestar projects
  • Escenda did Surface Design, Studio Engineering, Mechanical Design and Supplier Sourcing


  • Our close connection to both Polestar and Volvo Cars and our knowledge in the cars, the company and the systems gave us a big advantage
  • Our tight team of Surface Designers and Engineers in the same office allowed us to design for both styling, function and manufacturing more efficiently


  • Top class surface models delivered on time

  • Engineering, prototyping and supplier sourcing done by Escenda, ready for Volvo to just order the parts and add to the cars

  • Designed in parallel with the engineers meant a more time- and cost efficient design process

  • A proud ending to the Polestar Engineered S60 story