Escenda - Design

Choosing from the heart.

When you are attracted to a product, you may not always know why. Something appeals to you – and what it is can vary between different products. Design is about finding and communicating values. To express a function, a feeling and an innate quality. Or if you like – to create a love for a product.

When we at Escenda Design take on an assignment, our goal is always to find the unique benefits and express them. We have specialists in a variety of design areas and work just as happily at your site as at our own premises. Our work creates clarity so that our designs are easy to understand and use.

We also welcome ideas that promote sustainability and environmental care, as we strive to find solutions that have as small of an impact on our planet as possible – all the way from the manufacturer to the end user. And of course we focus a lot on appearance. Looking at small details, basic functions, adjusting lines and building a whole. If we succeed, you will love what we do. This is precisely the meaning of design.