In focus: Unsteady flow generating noise

April 25, 2016



Unsteady flow generating noise is no new phenomenon – whoever heard a flute playing has experienced it, and whoever drove a car with a rooftop cargo box knows what a nuisance it can be. Reducing noise is a complex process; sometimes, changing small details such as the thickness of a small plate can make a big difference.


An ongoing master’s thesis at Escenda deals with this: simulating the flow around a thin stiff plate and an even thinner flexible plate in a duct, differences in noise levels will (hopefully) be obtained. One application of this geometry is the gas exhaust pipe of a car, where the plate is introduced to better mix different gases.

Using numerical simulations makes it possible to study the flow in detail, for example via animations such as this simulation of the vorticity around the plate.vorticityMovie

The thesis is carried out by Märta and Magdalena who study the master program in Applied Mechanics at Chalmers, with a main interest in fluid dynamics.